Td5 On Board Computer – Green LCD

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On-board Computer for Land Rover vehicles with Td5 engine (Discovery 2 and Defender)

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We are pleased to present you the new Td5 On Board Computer – now available with housing, OBD2 plug on 1.5 m cable and buttons. Ready to use right out of the box with WiFi functionality. You can see paramateres of your car on your smartphone.

On-board Computer for Land Rover vehicles with Td5 engine (Discovery 2 and Defender) has been developed as a result of passion for programming and electronics combined with passion for Land Rovers.

The on-board computer is designed to help you diagnose problems with the Td5 engine. An additional advantage is the possibility of continuous monitoring engine parameters while driving.

Additionally you can set alarm for your coolant temperature. If temperature is too high screen will start to flash to inform you that something is going wrong.

Whole communication with the sensors in the engine takes place through the OBD2 diagnostic port and ECU.

There are many parameters that can be viewed:

  • Momentary fuel consumption.
  • Fuel consumption from engine start.
  • Drivers wish.
  • Idle fuel injection.
  • Total fuel injected.
  • Current speed – Value can be increased up to 30%.
  • Fuel temperature.
  • Intake manifold temperature.
  • Coolant temperature.
  • Engine RPM.
  • ECU voltage.
  • MAF Sensor data.
  • MAP pressure + RAW data.
  • AAP pressure. + RAW data.
  • Turbo boost.
  • Wastegate PWM modulation.
  • Injectors balance.
  • Throttle potentiometer voltage.

You can also monitor these parameters with your smartphone via WiFi.

How to change language? Simply go to  and download firmware what you need.

Please read first:  User and installation manual



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